Conference Hall

For functions and informal weddings.

Horse riding

Bonniedale specializes in horse riding for beginners and experienced riders with trails through magnificent gorges and towering mountains. We also cater for handicapped riders and young children.


For the hiker there are numerous short hikes from the farmhouse or the three day hike through the Attaquas Nature Reserve with comfortable overnight accommodation, which can be undertaken. The hiking trails meander through pristine fynbos and along streams with waterfalls and natural rock pools. Hikers can visit numerous bushman caves. To date eleven Khoi San rock art sites have been recorded and due to their isolation and lack of human interference are in pristine condition.

Mountain biking

Visitors can hire mountain bikes at Bonniedale or bring their own. Some of the trails are for the super fit but there are also trails for those who want to take it easy. For the more adventurous there is the Sunbird down hill challenge but this is extreme and only for experienced riders. There is also a three day of 150 km route through the Attaquaskloof and Cloetes Pass with overnight accommodation on route.

Quad bikes and off road motorcycles

Visitors can bring their own quad bikes or motorcycles and there are certain of the trails set out for them but they must abide to the rules and regulations so as to limit the disturbance to other guests. Strictly not allowed anywhere near accommodation.

Zipline (flying fox or foefieslide)

130m Zipline, hangbridge and canoes on newly constructed dam. Abseiling and rockface climbing

Visitors can use their own equipment but for larger groups we do supply equipment together with experienced instructors.


There are three cleared takeoff sites for Para gliders but a fair level of experience is needed due to the thermals emanating from the numerous canyons.

Wildlife and vegetation

The Bonniedale mammal checklist presently consists of 46 species, which include the rare Cape Mountain Leopard and Brown Hyena. The bird checklist currently numbers 129 species with breeding pairs of Black Eagles nesting regularly. Other interesting recordings have been the Cape Vulture and Bateleur. To date 15 species of snakes have been recorded.

The vegetation in the Attaquaskloof is fairly unique as it is situated in a major valley between two ranges, namely the end of the Langeberg and the beginning of the Outeniquas, something that is unusual in the Southern Cape Mountains. The vegetation is a cross between mountain fynbos and renosterveld, which has resulted in numerous species being endemic to this valley.

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