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Responsible Off-road Driving
Damage to the ecology is a very real threat to the future availability of off-road trails and other facilities. Every owner of a vehicle that has been designed for off-road use, acquires with the purchase of the vehicle, an important obligation. That is to preserve the environment for future generations.

Most manufacturers of off-road vehicles realise that they have an ecological responsibility and therefore, offer the purchasers of new vehicles, a training course on the use of that vehicle. But what happens in the second-hand market? Basically nothing!

Most off-road vehicles with 4-wheel drive capabilities, will do no harm to sensitive areas if driven by someone who is sufficiently equipped with the knowledge and skills on how to go about it.

The Western Cape Department of Environmental Affairs, together with important stakeholders in the off-road industry, have developed a handy guide on the ethics of responsible off-road driving. Even the most experienced amongst us can benefit from applying the ethics contained in this guide.

This handy guide is available on this website. Just click on the link below to open the pdf document.

A Practical Guide for Recreational Trail Users

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