There are many ways to enjoy your great deals on Family holidays. One of which is to have them at Southern Cape as this place offers a perfect and excellent spot for four by four driving, allowing you to ultimately enjoy road adventures. More than this, since we aim to promote environmental awareness among off-road drivers, you can be sure that you can have fun on your vacations while taking good care of the Mother Nature. Know more about our history and goals by continually browsing this page.

The main goals of SCKROF, which was formed in 1999, in partnership with Western Cape Nature Conservation, are to promote the Southern Cape as a 4x4 destination and to encourage an environmentally sensitive awareness amongst route owners and offroad drivers, aiming:

To promote through joint marketing the Southern Cape as an offroad destination.

To assist existing and potensial route owners with advice on designing and maintaining their offroad trails in an environmentally friendly manner.

To promote an environmentally sensitive attitude and awareness amongst offroad drivers.

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